5 Benefits Avocado Oil For Hair

Avocado Oil For Hair – The benefits that come with using Avocado oil for hair are numerous primarily due to the high content of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in the oil. In a bid to shed light on what exactly the oil can do, here are 5 benefits of the oil and how to use it on hair for the best results.

Avocado Oil For Healthy Hair

1. Replenishes the Hair with Vitamins

As stated, avocado oil is full of vitamins that are helpful to the overall growth of the hair. The avocado fruit from which the oil derived boasts a wealth of vitamins among them vitamins B and E, that help boost the cellular level while strengthening the hair at the same time. Vitamin B is crucial for hair growth while vitamin E helps rejuvenate the scalp. If not addressed, a damaged scalp may slow or compromise hair growth. To get most vitamins from avocado oil use it alongside a conditioner or as a hair mask.

2. Prevents Hair Loss

Loss of hair is primarily caused by a vitamins deficiency or external stress on the hair. Also, hair loss occurs due to over exposing the hair to extreme heat or cold. The chemicals you use on your hair may also contribute to hair loss. Due to its high concentration of essential vitamins, you are better of using avocado oil for hair if you want to keep most of your hair intact. Consider using the oil with conditioner or mask to not only improve the condition of your hair but to also nib hair loss in the bud.

3. Moisturizes the Hair

When used alongside a moisturizer, avocado oil can help your scalp and hair retain its moisture content thereby preventing it from breaking. To get the desired results, mix one teaspoon of avocado oil with a beaten eggs. Add one teaspoon of olive or rosemary oil. Apply on the hair starting with the scalp to the hair ends. Let the mask sit on the hair for about thirty minutes before rinsing it off with warm water. Shampoo as usual.

4. Helps Treat Dandruff

If you have been looking for ways to get rid of dandruff, using avocado oil for hair may as well turn out to your best bet. Besides treating dandruff, the oil can also treat blemishes on the scalp associated with eczema and psoriasis. Be sure to massage the oil into the scalp in a circular motion to increase the rate of absorption.

5. Helps Condition the Hair

Avocado oil can help improve the condition of hair that feels more elastic and soft. The high fat content in the oil enhances the hair’s texture making it less prone to breakage. After washing the hair with shampoo, apply the avocado conditioner and allow it to sit for 10 minutes before rinsing it off with warm water. You can make your avocado conditioner by mixing mashed avocado with olive oil to create a thick paste. Avocado oil has been used since time immemorial to improve the hair’s condition and promote its growth. The beauty of it is that the oil often comes at an affordable price and has no side effects. If you have not been using avocado oil for hair, you are missing out and it’s time you tried it out.

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